Dream folk artist Moi Cava is from Michigan – though she had a five year stint in Europe, living abroad in England, Austria, Germany and Portugal (as well as another five years in New York City working as a designer before returning to the Midwest).  All of the experiences, people and sounds have had a profound effect on her art and music – from the rhythm of trains and subways, to hearing and speaking new languages (she also speaks French and German) to adjusting to different paces of life.

SoftHeart_Banner copy

Photo taken in Muir Woods, outside of San Francisco, CA (also the cover image of ‘Soft Heart’).

Natural sounds and rhythms will also find themselves into her songs, which comes from a longtime love of walking in the woods and being anywhere near water – her music is often dubbed ‘beachy’ and ‘dreamlike’, probably for that reason.  Lyrically poetic, her desire is for the songs to spark the imagination of others. In a world that’s so hectic, her aim is to create music that’s relaxed and a type of escapism for the listener.


Above photo is where she grew up, in a North/East suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

Moi Cava formed in 2016 and is found on all major streaming and download sites (see links in the top bar).  Her music has also been played on online radio stations (Big Indie Giant in South Africa has been the most supportive – where the songs ‘Fading’ (2018) and ‘Soft Heart’ (2019) have both ranked in the top ten) through the Radio Indie Alliance. Musical influences are Mazzy Star (Hope Sandoval), Velvet Underground (Lou Reed), Neil Young, & many others.

Moi Cava’s favorite things outside of music are her husband (the director of the music videos for ‘Is It You?’ and ‘Wind it On’), her rescue dog ‘Foxy’, travel, interior design, walking in the woods, swimming in lakes, having hours to cook big meals and wine.

cc and fox1

Pictured above on a lazy Sunday with her rescue dog ‘Foxy’.

To get in touch, please feel free to email: moicavamusic@gmail.com